Monday, November 15, 2010


Gonna redeem back my moment wif few of friends that i neglected. Will come back again to kl for a week i suppose. Got this fashion show thingy, but b4 that gonna hve a happy moment wif few of friends. Oh yeah, i am looking for a male and female (human being of course) yg interested to do modeling photoshoot for FREE.teeheeee.

I hope ada laaah. I mean sape2 yg rase 'uish aku ni cun kot pose depan kamera, aku patut jadik model!' or 'ceh aku pon bleh je pose mcm america's next top model tuh, i can be a model!' So sape2 yg raseeee bleh silalah tak perlu malu2 lemme know. We need to shoot u :)

I'm not gonna be bored looking at ur pics, in fact my eyes already go like this @____@ looking at several potential people. So girls and guys out there mari mari mari. Juz email me at

p/s: its gonna be a very gud experience and maybe u can put it in ur portfolio too. So kalau kat resume bleh tulis dgn bangga 'I AM A PART TIME MODEL' atau 'I USED TO DO MODELING AS MY HOBBY' hahaha hamek kau!

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