Saturday, November 13, 2010


si gumuk da 22 tahun.

It's been a month since i update this blog. Annoying kan kalau cakap alasan adalah bz. But yeah i am super duper bz. Super duper bz trying to compete with all the studies with all the super pandai classmates. Plan to update this blog yesterday coz its MY HAPPY BIRTHDAY YESTERDAYYYY(tiup tiup trumpet). But end up malas. See bila bz tuh da hilang MALAS yg datang :) Its normal in my world.

So yeah on my way of competing or the other word is, studying very freaking hard, i have been neglecting some of my friends which i expected them to understand my situation. Plus i have this whole new group of friend that i need to keep up wif them too. Trust me if can clone myself i would have do it!

So yeah since i have been a very very *good* friend they also have been well sort of ignoring me. Calling me a plastic,bitch,antisocial and watever labels that sounds soooooo well excited for me to hear about it. I dont really care about pple labeling me, but the fact that a so called friend did that makes me super upset. Look i get it, i screw up big time..did i screw up big time? At the least, i dont 'jalan-jalan bawak cerita jaja cerita kat everyone talking bad stuffs bout u' Kenapa i tak buat mcm itu? Becoz i have been TOO DAMN BUSY STUDY MCM NAK MATI! So yeah i am upset and almost have no more feeling at all to even reply or talk about u. Becoz hearing ur name and everything related to u almost makes me vomit. How can u call me a plastic while u've been the one who is acting like that.

Ok da puas marah-marah. Last nite, i've been going out wif this guy. Well he's just a guy. Plan utk celebrate birthday lah kununnya tapi end up stuck in a jammmmmm and i tido the whole jalan jalan plan. Great kan. Tapi naseb baik, kitorang cepat2 shift mood jadik normal sbb nanti keje asik nak gado. And naseb baik juga, ur best friend yg super hot tuh dtg jugak to cool up my day. At least bila tgk dia sejuk hati. Hahahaha. We need to go out again like this supaya u boleh dgr i mengamuk2 and i boleh blanje makan-makan.

My proud creative team. So proud of u guys :') Okeh carik mane pmpuan gedik yg nama dia yana. Hehehe

nama dia *tuuuut* Dia currently idaman saya yg xkesampaian.

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Arik Yusof said...

yeah bjaye menyestalk blog ko kembali..hahahaha...