Thursday, December 3, 2009


I've been loyal for almost hmm 2 month i guess.
But then suddenly his buddy seems very tempting.Betol ke ayat ku?hahaha
And suddenly juga mcm terlupa org itu dan tersuka his buddy.
Jahat gila ok,im so easy.
Buuuutttt........just now i watch him again.
Then i realize that his buddy is also just a buddy to me.
Coz all i really want is you


:+:DyLa DeLLieCaD:+: said...

bagus... igt pesan sy.. being loyal is not a sin.. but it's a faith~


yanasaja said...

dila: yer saya mula sedar utk setia pada yg 1.toksah tamak haloba.huahuahua

:+:DyLa DeLLieCaD:+: said...

tahu xpe.. ahahahahah

pijapepijat said...

haha.. its karma babe..
for everything we've done,
we got it right back..XD

pijapepijat said...
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