Monday, November 16, 2009


Sape penah tgk cerita P.S I LOVE YOU?
Sape penah bace cerita P.S I LOVE YOU?

(Okeh kalau xpenah then shadapmulutkau!)

The thing about that movie that makes me suddenly awake at 1.27AM is that i'm having the same situation as Holly.Holly is the main character kalautaktaushadapokeh.Remember the scene after the funeral party/dinner thingy of his late husband aka Gerry aka Gerard Butler org tua hotness.

After the funeral,she went straight home and cover herself under the blanket and called her dead husband cellphone just to hear his voice mail or correctly jussst to hear his voice again and how she repeatedly call his husband cellphone over and over again just to okehshadapyana.

It's been i dont know how long but weeks i guess that i couldn't shut my eyes off if i cant hear his voice.I dont carelah dia nak nyanyi ke,nak buat jokes ke or just plain snoring(oh he dont snores!)but i just need/have to hear his voice.If i dont i cant get to sleep.Freaky me.He knows it very well too.

So dats y im awake...its becoz i didnt get to hear his voice again.So im going to do it now than counting ba ba black sheep.

p/s: I'm freaking sick about the news.Sape nak sara hidup i now plz agkt tangan or i will lay along the road so dat any royalty will pick me up and make me their slaves.Or maybe keje dgn ayeddavidteo.


:+:DyLa DeLLieCaD:+: said...

jgn meroyan ye cik yana.. :)

yanasaja said...

dila: dah x meroyan dah:)