Monday, November 16, 2009

Ohh Miserable Me

Let me tell you a story about a girl 'yg serabut mcm ayam malam tadi':

So i was surfing the net last nite becoz i couldnt sleep right?As u all know yg skg ni i tgh tngu intake for UiTM then suddenly smlm dah bleh cek the result whether i can get in or not.So u see,i wasn't prepared at all! I was badly missing my other half and hungry and serabut of coz but then i have to check the result! i ready for the bad result? Yelah in case dapat disappointing result haruslah meroyan 5hari 5malam kan. So i was trembling and shivering and wondering whether i shld check it by dat time or go back to sleep. But for sure i wouldn't be able go back to sleep lah kan!So obviously i kepoh n check the result. And turned out I XDAPAT! XDAPAT OKEH! So it was 3am IN THE MORNING! Hungry,alone,serabot and rejected! I dont know who i suppose to lean on. I selambe msg atiq even tho i tau dia da tido but then die reply so berlakulah 'drama uitm' i:

Miserable Me: I am unemployed and undergraduated.I am so miserable now.What shld i do wit my lifeee????

Sleepy Atiq: G semayang baca doa sane.Maybe ada probs dgn uitm punya sistem.

Miserable Me: Taklah.mmg dah ada result nya.Mmg xdapat.Bla bla bla bla(being miserable)

I cannot tell my other half coz i dont want to be a loser! So luckily Abh was on9 and i force him to check his result too.And well we are on the same boat.So we both make our own 'drama uitm' and start to search for jobs!! U see how it really effect our pity life!! And it almost 4am so i decide to go to sleep.But inside my room,i was munching 2 chocolate bars and reading You've Got Mail movie script.Later i know i was eating 2 drumstick chicken and counting ba ba black sheep.I managed to sleep at 5am.

Being miserable me,i had a dream that my other half also didnt get to uitm.Mmg merepek giler!Apekah mongkey pon apply uitm???Da tua nak apply uitm!Mmg bongok!Then i mimpi mase zaman sekolah rendah.Haihh..mmg merepek dah.Finally,i woke up at 1030am.Try to check the result again but apparently uitm already close down the web. And we can only check it again at 5pm.Stupidos lomos.I was cursing alone.Then after lunch i slept until 6pm.I am not brave enough to face failure.My sister call and force me to check it.But i just told her i didn't get it since i already check it last night.Then at 7pm i surf uitm site but couldnt get thru.Again at 8pm i check it with no emotion and already feel like a big loser.Tanpa sempat membaca BISMILLAHIRRAHMANIRRAHIM i fill my i.c number then POOPPP!!!!


So 'drama uitm' ends there.Me being stupidly miserable for nothing.Stupid me.Now i am jumping like some stupid monkey.


:+:DyLa DeLLieCaD:+: said...

mmg sebijik mcm mongkey.. si mongkey tuh pn sme.. half of yours la konon.. gelabah la both of u!!!!!!!!! :p

yanasaja said...

dila: mong+me=mongme~okeh aku da gila

tiQsZiE Shinoda said...

bodo nye drama itm
kacaw ak tdo je
tetibe seram sejuk
dah sedap bantai tdo
x pikir result dah