Monday, August 3, 2009

Gimme Some Time

Yes i will update but not tonight. I have to finish reading Eclipse. I just cannot stop reading since kak rai brought back all of the books.Ehh but twilight xda kan kak rai? So pleasee Yana,read faster!! Xyah berangan sambil baca.Huhuhu...

And yes i already got my salary.And that definitely NOT the fun part.

Its already 1.30 am and i am currently eating the leftover my mak birthday cake and chocolate ice cream.Eating junk while reading but my mind is not at peace somehow.I cannot stop thinking that I CANT BUY MY CONVERSE!!!!! AND I DEFINITELY IN SERIOUS NEED OF A NEW BOYFRIEND! Goshh,pathetic in capital P!!!

Okeh cancel the part of new boyfriend.No new boyfriend or watsoever.Definitely not now!Hehhhh.Okehh da boleh berhenti merepek dan sile baca buku sampai tertido.New update of the weekend is tomorrow okeh! Karangan bahasa melayu sepanjang 500 patah perkataan akan dibuat besok sahaja.


p/s: I have a crush over sumone who is 10+ years older than me.PATHETIC!!


:+:DyLa DeLLieCaD:+: said...

sang Crush by David Archuleta for you... :)

lilypark said...

grrrr...sape??? eh dulu bukan ko penah suke ciksaker ker?? hahahaha