Thursday, June 11, 2009

3 Times In A Row

Dalam mase almost nak masuk setahun ni...da 3 kali gue putus chenta.

1st- Chenta yg da setahun lebeh

2nd- Chenta yg xkesampaian

3rd- Chenta yg hanging and suddenly left behind

Aku? Aku ok jer. Feel like a loser jap. Then ngadu kat kak rai. She said there's no need to feel like a loser since i am so young and cute and i still have many years ahead of me to find the right one. Okeh part cute tuh aku tambah sendiri.Mesti ar nak bagi hati ni heal kan dgn angkat diri sendiri.Huhuhuhu.

So guess wat? I feel much better now.

But maybe in 5,4,3,2,1 seconds.........................i'll be missing him back :(



lilypark said...

ye..STOP IT..

din, budak perak tu kan ade..

jangan sedeh ye...


yanasaja said...

ayad: aku tampo mung karang

shygurl said...

din yg director C.P.P tu ka?
phewittt nemo kapel ngan din ka?

lilypark said...

hehe... belom kapel lagi.. tapi kan, kalo cik nak tahu, yana dgn din kan memang sudah dijodohkan..

hari tu dia buat kuiz kat facebook kan, memang tepat la bahawasanya din tu jodoh yana


shygurl said...

jodoh yana cpt dr saya
dgn din plak tu
tah2 dr sem1 kot depa dk main mata kan ayed?
hmmm sampai sanggup ponteng clas saya

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