Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Another End of The Semester :)

I have one more paper to go. This coming Friday i'll be gone for good :)

I still haven't read anything yet for the last paper because i'd just finished my research paper at noon. So i need LOTS of time to rest and rest and rest my brain. Later tonight, i will start reading my management book non stop until tomorrow night :)

Oh i just want to share with u one of the happy thing that is going to happen this June :)

No...no i am not getting married or engaged or anything!

I AM GOING TO SEE THIS!!!!I am going to meeeeetttt HIM!!!!!!!!! Yeahhhh finallllyyyy he's coming to Malaysia. Right right i know what are you guys thinking 'duhh, another K-Pop fan girl!!! What A LOSER!' But seriouslyyyy i just dont care :) I wanna meet Tae Kyung Opppaaaaaaaaaa.

What??? Me???? You wanna see Me????
YES!!!!!!! I wanna seee youuuu. So please set your date this coming 4th June at KLCC. Come and see him face to face at THE CRI SHOW IN MALAYSIA :)

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