Saturday, January 1, 2011


Alhamdulillah i am still breathing perfectly on 2011 :) I am definitely grateful to Allah SWT for giving me an opportunity to live for another year :) :)

So yeah i xda nak celebrate new year new year ni. 1st thing becoz i am at home and bz packing harta2 to go back to school -_____- and 2ndly becoz yeah i dont celebrate new year.

I'll be going back to s.alam tomorow. Gosh my stuffs are still so freaking a lot even tho i already TRIED my very best to get rid all those junks!

So overall my conclusion on new year is dat its a very freaking sucks year. Yeah 2010 does not being so nice to me :( Lots of complications; in terms of family matter, personal relationship and of coz friendship. It is quite depressing and i am so glad that i manage to get thru it. Phewww~

Anyway behind those sorrow, i still achieve(should i call this achievement?) sumthing :)

1) i have my own online biz :) Originally founded by my sister and i but now she already handing it over to me, so i am the new boss!! Muahahahaha. Yeah it is on hiatus now since i am still revamping the new marketing strategy! So please wait for the new SHORTALES BUNNY!!!!

2) i have sons!!! yeah not juz one but 2!!!! Mong and Tae kyung :) hahaha dont worry its a male rabbit actually that my sister and i (again) have been taking care for almost hmmm is it 6 or 5 months? I love them to death!!!!

3) ok i dont consider it as an achivement; but yeah i have been maintaining my good grades throughout the semester :)

So please 2011 i am begging u to be nice to me.


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