Thursday, December 2, 2010

Only U..For Now

I tak pandai jadik gedik manja suara comel-comel depan orang.

I tak pandai nak pujuk orang.

I tak pandai nak decide on the spot.

I tak tau what's latest and what's hot.

I am not Gadis Semasa.

I bukan perempuan yang tak pakai mekap pon comel dah.

I tak pandai nak pakai tudung 'oh trend baru'

All i know is to be manja in front of u. Only.

I know how to pujuk u. Only.

I pandai decide what to do right away for u. Only.

I know jugaklah what's latest if u ask. Only.

I can be Gadis Semasa for u. Only.

I cannot tak mekap. Cannot. So this one is a lil bit hard :)

I pakai biasa biasa and u always smile back to me. Only.

So the fact is ,we are no different from others. We date. We had fun. We mad at each other. We hate and like each other so much. U know i am afraid of this and i know u do too. So u know y i always said there is no need to rush since we are still so young.

I just want you near. So it's ok with wat people said about us not declaring anything, as long as we know what we want right now :)

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