Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tu Me Manques

I cant wait to see him


i dont wanna admit first.

So i let u tau dulu k enchik belog :)

The plan is pura-pura tak kesah bila da jumpe. Bila da gado baru pujuk. Ok cool.

Yes that is me. I love this tarik tali game. That is why i am stuck with this wrong person :)
But who cares. I'm only 22 :D

The fact is whenever i am in shah alam, i NEVER EVER even bother to look for him. Ok kadang2 carik jugaklah. Tipu kalau tak peduli kan. But u know time belajar tak sempat kot nak beri attention or watever since dia pun super duper bz. Cheh!

So now tak sampai a week i THINK i miss him. And yeah he's still a jerk. The jerk that i wanna stuck with...for now :) Always keep my options open~

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