Thursday, March 4, 2010

Short Trip To Jezmine's Pretty Lil Shop~

Today i sakit tekak+pening and almost demam. So i decided to skip afternoon classes and went out with my sis, Kak Mai.

Our 1st plan nak gunting rambut but then i tot maybe we should go to Jezmine's new boutique instead. I mean sape yg xpegi mmg seyes xbeshlah korang sbb mmg comel gila gila her new boutique. Pink stripes are so chic~

I have been her online blogshop customer before this too. But i dapat bought 2 things only thru her online blogshop sbb mmg kene compete gila gila with all her customers so opening a boutique is really a gud idea dear!

Personally i really like her boutique, great place,very spacious to move around.Color coordinated clothes(its a must thing for every boutique ok!!) and ada sofa comfy leh duduk2 :) Its like very funny campur weird campur fairytale sbb b4 tiz i saw her thru blog and her nice stuffs thru blog jgk and then finally i manage to see the women itself. Small women with a biiiiigggg heart and a biiggg smile :)

So i manage to grab one lace dress for my upcoming dinner advertising festival in Cherating. The theme is ying and yang. Black or white, kind of king of devil meets queen of angel. So i pick this pretty 'layer cake lace dress'. I really really wanted to try any lace design so since i da stumbled upon this dress so i kene grab cepat2! ahahah takot customer len amek harus lah nanti berguling tarik2 rambut nak rebut baju ni :D Mule2 i try i feel very fat, rase nak mati jer nampak mcm gemok but then bile amek gmbr terus mcm 'oh this is niceeeeeeeeeee' Senyum lebar berangan2 dah~ My sis pun amek baju jugak and sgt comel kot baju dia. Urghh geram jer hampir semua comel2. I need to bring lots of cash some day coz i definitely will come back!

Overall, i really2 luv my short trip. And yes i will definitely come back for a 2nd trip and it is going to be a very long one :)
I am like super duper excited n end up i smile like a ......................
R-L: me and the one n only jezmine and kak mai with her too :)

I show support by wearing the bag i bought thru her blogshop..hehe And there's a bag that looks like tweeter icon. So i call it tweeter bag :p

the dress :) :) :)


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