Saturday, March 6, 2010


I am glad i get a new stuffs from jezmine's boutique again......... :)

I am glad i manage to control everything so far so well.....

I am glad my parents are here in KL.......

I am glad i ada hati yg kental.....Sgt berterima kaseh pada kawan2 yg mmg besh gila2 babeng.

Oh btw mane sayangku ini yg xbalek2 lagi???????!!!! Sedeh ar nak tido sengsorang beginih :(

Oh btw, minors are sucks! U know people who claim they are already legal but seriously their head is still in their underage year. Boo to them!! Booo!!!!

p/s: This weekend will be very hectic. I'll be going to batu caves!!! Yessss!!! U got that righttttt!!!

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