Monday, November 23, 2009


As i was surfing thru You Tube,i stumbled upon this madness clip.The fans are just wild screaming and all.But seriously watch this clip at 2:52min and u can see how crazily cute TaylorLautner/Jacob Black/Werewolf can be.Can i adopt one of this person?

So me and my sisters aka kak mai and kak rai wish to watch this madness New Moon movie.And Malaysia is one of the unlucky country to wait for the movie almost a week after its official release.And to add another unluckiness,BATU PAHAT will release the movie probably wayyy later than already later date.I already called MBO Cinemas and suprisingly the workers don't even know when will the movie will probably be released.SO DAMN LOSER! Mase i keje kat GSC we already know any new movie that will come out almost a week or 2 week earlier.GSC plak time nilah nak renovate.Hampagas betol.

Jadik xtaulah dapat tonton tiz week or not.Bleh jadik gilaaaa mcmni.Jadik supaya hati ini rasa lega siket mari lah same2 tgk video di atas.Comelnye Jacob Black.Nyummm~Ishh berani betol nyumm nyumm kat laki len!!

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Si Anggerik said...

this is nyummilicious! aummm. terasa nk jadi werewolf pompuan.