Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My 1st Trial

Hye there~finally ada blog juger....kakakku maizura sudah beberape kali menyuruh aku jdk blogger but i still insist since i dont think tiz is the right way of telling pple bout my life~kan? kan? kan? but here it goes...its me lah kan...cakap je tanak tapi sebab keje 24/7 menatap my bebey laktop so i think why not :-P

Today is the ........... errr i dunnow how many days i already being an intern.hehehe....okeh lemme tell an intern for a production house(tiz production houz handle commercial, i repeat TVC only k..but we do buat v.corporate if any1 nak buat tvc or anything leh discuss wif me n i get u in touch wif my 'anak2 jaws' or 'jaws' himself....hahah sape2 yg tertanye who am i referring to,tunggu next entry k :-)

this my trial entry~

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

woahohoho..bru je dh byk gle ko post..sje je nyemak kt cni..lawa..aku ske page ko ni..ehehe..aku dh link kan pn blog ko ni..jemput2 la dtg blog aku gk ye..tak rmai nk =)