Sunday, March 6, 2011

Its Not Your Fault But I'm A Locked Door

This is crazy.

I have been thinking about u for a week in a row.

I kept on thinking about our crazy days last year.

I remember the look on your face when u HAD to drive me all the way from Shah Alam-Damansara-Subang-Shah Alam on your working days.

I remember how we spent our saturday and sunday nite watching movies and eating non stop.

I definitely remember the nite when u said u want to see me again. After all u just met the other day.

I remember on bulan Ramadhan u will called me to make sure i eat for sahur. And we will continue waking up each other until Ramadhan ends.

I try not to remember other girl's sms in ur handphone.

But i do remember the day when u rush came to me after ur exam ends just bcoz we havent seen each other for 3 days.


I know i kept on pushing u away from me but u know i am not looking for anything serious.

But now u just gone.

U left.

So i guess it's ok.

And i dont have the slightest courage to even look for u.

I am scared. Of being rejected.

After all u bring out the best of me.

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