Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday Mak~

I am back for gud. No more crisis over stupid things. I am back to have fantastic Ramadhan moment with my parents and of coz its my 'mak's' besday!!!! Besday mak 3 ogos yg lepas. Seriously saya almost lupa. Bagi pelempang kepada diri sendiri! Piangg!!!! So teruslah dgn kak rai bergegas beli something for mak. And rasenya dia mcm suka. Eh taktau lah. Susah woh beli kan hadiah utk seorang mak.

Thanx for always being there.
Even tho u are not always there but still i know i can count on u,
I am sorry for being such an annoying and troublemaker daughter,
But still i know u always pray hard so that i can be better,
I am so G.L.A.D i am your daughter.
And please always remember that 'yana anak last yer bukan syazwan' hehehe

I love u mummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p/s: 'if sume org tanak kawan dgn kita pon xpe kan mak :)'

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Akue Syazwan said...

ape maksud ko cuba smpaikan di sini~~~