Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Shortales Bunny

Now my sister and i do not only own 2 male bunnies but we also have an online business due to them! No we are not selling bugs bunny all over the town. WE ARE SELLING CLOTHES AND ACCESSORIES TO HUMAN BEING :D And the name is SHORTALES BUNNY :)

This is a sudden business plan that my 2nd sister, si okinokiyo ituh~ encouraged us to do it. So secara tiba tiba i am businesswoman slash a student. Muahahahah. Okeh berangan jap :D

To tell u the truth skg ni i am super busy wif my college thingy!! Assignments are piling up, time is never enough, my heart is in a healing process, ulang alik damansara and shah alam every weekend, try to save up some money, try to waste up some money too and sooooooo on. And so is my sister ok. Dia lagi kesian nak kena jaga 2 of our babies lagi kat umah. So both of us are pretty busy. Tapi since i think my family ni is a working freak so i dont think adding up a business in our list would hurts us dat much.

Ok enuff bout my routine. So wat is SHORTALE BUNNY?????????

It is an online blogshop. We are new into this but i can say that our clothes are pretty :) Its cute, kinky and wearable.
plish click on the image to go to the official web. Phewittt~

So if one of my readers here or anyone who stumbled upon my belog or my sis's belog, lets click SHORTALES BUNNY. And give us profit so we can feed our bunnies :P Just kidddinggggg~
So this is one of the item.
Ini accessories rantai yg sgt nyummy and delicious sbb comel
ada burung twit twit!

Comel gilaaaa ke tak???? Mcm dress ala2 Wonder Girls kaaaaan :D
I love this one so much coz i can play mix n match wif anything wif this.

If u want to see more, just click the link and feast your eyes wiff our collection :)

Do support us okeh dear frens :D


nn said...

awwh. comel3 bajunya! :D good luck with your business babe :)

Lyana said...

nn: thanx a lot dear.spread the newsss :D