Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Tomorrow my brother and sister will be coming home(excluding kak mai).Save budget katenye! We will be double celebrate or triple celebrate my abah(26th dec)and kak rai's(20th dec)birthday and maybe kak uda's(27th dec)wedding anniversary!! Well,the more is the merrier,dats wat i thought as long everyone will be tuang tuang the RM!!! Hahahaha...

Also i will be having a date with my brother,see i dont need a bf when my brother da ajak dating(Gila jawapan org loser!) Okeh fine,bf i xleh ajak tgk wayang sbb dia besh sangat nanti org suka dia.Hahahaha...Me and my brother akan tgk Avatar and Sherlock Holmes! Kak rai u are invited of coz!!! Wan ko kene tgk Sherlock Holmes 2x sbb aku belom tgk.Bwekkk!

Present utk abah mmg dia da tau da pon coz he's the one who's asking for his own present.Plus we also think it is really necessary for him sbb the old one da outdated and amat sedeh kondisinya.Ohh i wont tell u yet wats d present,juz wait for the upcoming update ok :) I only can tell u dat we will be celebrating at Kenny Rogers coz abah loveee Kenny Rogers!!!! Ohh itu pon dia sendiri yg mintak venue nya.Seee very demanding sumtimes mintak2 sume bende.Hehehe


Sumthing to share about freaking Twilight, i juz discovered this somewhere which makes me laugh.This is only for twilight fan ok! Yg len jgn sebok,nak gelak same2 boleh je :)


ESR said...

Hahaha mmg gile lawak. dia perli org yg ske twilight kan? hehheehe

yanasaja said...

kak epi: yapss dia perli gila2.menci jer.huhuhu